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About Meelko

We are a young family business with passion and manufacture, and we install industrial machinery that give added value to raw materials of various types. We design basic and complex production lines to perform transformation processes in finished products.

What machines do they manufacture?

Pelletizers, for pellets, balanced micro pellets, vitamin cores, biomass use in fuels and pet sanitary bed, also for organic fertilizers, NPK type chemicals, minerals and various uses. Extruders for making croquettes feeding pets, dogs, cats, birds, pigs etc. Flour mills of wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, legumes and cereals in general. Powdered balanced feed machinery for ground cattle. Granulators of all types such as minerals, compost, chemicals Machines for extracting olive, avocado or avocado oil. Briquettes for charcoal, minerals, ferrous materials. And some more machinery ...

How do we do it?

We obtain good results in the most limited deadlines, with solutions adapted to the client's budget. Because we carry out our work with true vocation and constantly research. Our clients tell us about their projects. We provide our opinion, and carry out trials. Then together we analyze the necessary technologies, costs and sustainable implementation of the project. Then start manufacturing the custom-made machinery, install and train the staff.